Hjältar Utan Gränser
In English

“Civil courage and everyday heroism has been needed everywhere but more than ever in the shadow of Corona Pandemic.”

What and Why?

HUG stands as an abbreviation of the Swedish words "Hjältarna Utan Gränser" which in English means "Heroes without Borders".

HUG is a forum for praising and awarding in general terms "everyday heroes" but especially honouring the heroes who make extraordinary efforts and sacrifices during COVIC Pandemic. At the same time, HUG as a multi-purpose social entrepreneurship tries through various actions contribute to resolving or mitigating some relevant socioeconomic challenges in the community.

HUG is the result of several months of thinking, evaluating, assessing, planning and preparation since Corona Pandemic's outbreak in March 2020.


The crucial causes behind HUG as social entrepreneurship are:

  • Fostering and promoting a culture of civil courage and heroic action in society
  • Creating a sustainable and useful platform for inspiring, engaging companies and individual for honouring corona heroes
  • Solving or mitigating some current socio-economic issues in the Swedish society
  • supporting some charity or NGO with a heroic mission, genuine actions and proven outcomes

Main Goals

A Book

"Publishing a storytelling book, in which the Swedish people would describe their memories and histories about the heroes they met during corona pandemic.”

A film

"Producing a documentary film which will catch the happenings, processes, challenges and activities for making the book"


"Engaging unemployed or unprivileged young people for creating collectively the book and the film."


"Arranging a series of creative events, such as "Heroes in Town." for honouring and saluting heroes."

Desired outcomes

  • Tribute and awarding everyday heroes in a creative, artistic and evocative manner.

  • Donations of a sizable amount of grants to adequate charity organisations or NGOs through fundraising in connection to HUG's various activities.

  • Involving and engaging several artists, designers, artisans and craftspeople in the process while consequently generating revenue for these people.

  • Linking and engaging a considerable amount of youth in the process and while offering them a valuable experience, meaningful work and also generating revenue for them.

"Heroes in Town" is an interactive show in which paper mache sculptures in miniature format, characterise and visualise corona heroes for the public. In connection to these events, visitors have the opportunity to give their praises, greetings, tributes, short stories or memories regarding the heroes they experienced during the pandemic on designated displays.

The founder

HUG is founded by the Swedish-Iranian businessman/ philanthropist Mr Soheil Zeinali in September 2020. He has a background as a civil engineer from KTH Stockholm and since almost 25 years ago, he has experienced several functions and positions such as; senior management consultant, property manager, facility manager, entrepreneur, company leaders, investor, strategic business developer, coach and mentor, international trade manager etc. Concerning and engaging in social issues has been an inseparable part of Mr Zeinali’s life during many years.

Mr Zeinali, his family and his business activities hit seriously due to the corona pandemic and the socio-economic consequences of that.

The Gift Shop

In HUG's gift shop, you can make an active and conscious choice to support HUG and its large or small projects. In the gift shop, we have the ambition to offer crafts or other artistic creations made by people who with their work and deeds support HUG. In return, HUG creates a meaningful and valuable trade opportunity and consequently, a well-deserved revenue for the artists who generally have been hit hard by socio-economic effects of the Corona pandemic.

A considerable amount of all revenue from the gift shop will be donated to adequate charity organisations or NGOs with a heroic mission and proven outcomes.

Are you a creator of suitable and relevant crafts, arts or designs for selling in the gift shop? Please contact us by filling the form bellow.

HUG as an open-source would be an including, vivid, creative and useful forum for all serious and open-minded people who wish to honour the everyday heroes and nurture a culture of heroism and act of civil courage in the society. If you believe that you are one of them, please do not hesitate to contact us and tell us how you can contribute to HUG's purpose, goals and missions.

If Swedish is not your primary fluent language, do not worry. We are happy having you among our community in HUG anyway. We together will figure out a suitable communication way with each other.

We welcome you to join us


Heroes Without Borders

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